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Dar-e-Arqam is one of a few pioneer schools of formal education where you may...

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Branch Network


There are 550 Branches of Dar-e-Arqam Schools with 160,000 Students ....

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Google Maps quickly find campus nearby and directions from where you are...

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Curriculum is seen as whole teaching-learning activity both inside & outside classroom...

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Be our partner to promote education all over Pakistan. Find guidelines for investors...

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Address: 45-A, 69-A, T&T, 7-KM, Raiwind Road, Aabpara, Lahore
2-Shairsha Road, Near Raiwind Road

Tel: 042-35322200



Address: New Air Port Road, Near Metro, Lahore

Tel: 042-35731270


Akbar Chowk

Address: D-3, House # 4, Near Allah ho Chowk, Johar Town, Lahore

Tel:  042-35237151


Al-Falah Town DHA

Address: 20-C, Punjab Small Ind. Housing Society, DHA, Lahore

Tel: 042-35708781


Azmeer Town

Address: 5-Canal Side, Opt. Azmeer Town, Multan Road, Lahore

Tel: 0336-4707040


Bank Stop Ferozepur Road

Address: Bank Stop 10-KM, Kamahan Road, Feroz Pur Road, Lahore

Tel: 042-35922998


Bankers Society

Address: Kamahan Road Old Rana Chowk Near PSO Petrol Pump State Life Lahore

Tel: 042-35921495


Barki Road, Cantt

Address: Near Paragon City Barki Road Lahore

Tel: 042-37167111



Address: Main Bazar, Opt. PSO Pump, Barki

Tel: 0333-3244331


Baseen, Wahga

Address: Village Dogaich, BRB East Bank Road, Wahga

Tel: 0333-4245321


Bashir Avenue

Address: Opt. Chanar Bagh, 17-Km, Raiwind Road, Lahore

Tel: 042-37749268


Bedian Road

Address: Main Bedian Road, Near Attock Petroleum Pump, Lidhar, Lahore

Tel: 042-37162998


Bedian Village

Address: P/O Bedian Khas

Tel: 0301-8861024


Bilal Gunj

Address: Yousaf Street # 4, Malik Park, Chowk Old Dhobi Ghaat, Gunj Kalan, Bilal Gunj, Lahore

Tel: 042-37229291


Defense Road

Address:  New Defense Road, Nespak Phase 3, Awais Plaza, Sahdoki Lahore

Tel: 0333-4227164


Chah Meeran

Address: House # 28, Street # 47, Near Rehmania Masjid, Behind Neelum Cinema, Chah Meeran, Lahore

Tel: 042-37604222, 042-37604800


China Scheme

Address: 515 C-1 Block, China Scheme, Lahore

Tel: 042-37330267


Garden Town

Address: 2-Ahmad Block, New Garden Town, Lahore (Girls)
78-A, Ahmad Block Garden Town Lahore (Kids)

Tel: 042-35885274, 042-35885275
042-37045393, 042-36185986


Ghari Shahu

Address: 37-Mumtaz Street, Near Bhagi Shah Masjid, Habibullah Road, Ghari Shahu, Lahore

Tel: 042-36296222 


Ghazi Road DHA

Address: E-105, Defense Fort, Main Boulevard, Punjab Society, Ghazi Road, Lahore

Tel: 042-35822232


Glaxo Town

Address: 20-KM, Main Ferozpur Road, Glaxo Town, Lahore

Tel: 0322-7289166



Address: 33-C/3 Gulberg-III, Near Firdous Market, Lahore

Tel: 042-35750243, 042-35710732


Guldasht Colony

Address: 9-A, Guldasht Town, Main Zarrar Shaheed Road, Opt. HBL, Lahore Cantt.

Tel: 042-36631108



Address:7- G, Main Boulevard,Gulshan Ravi,

174-A, (Kids Campus) Gulshan Ravi, Lahore

Tel: 042-37460235


Haji Kot

Address: Near Shahzad Town, KalaaKhatai Road, Shahdara, Lahore

Tel: 042-37331792



Address: Near Sultan Trade Centre, Heir, Lahore

Tel: 0321-4401880, 03134000000


Islam Pura

Address: 24, Sultan Street, Alamgir Road, Near Police Station, Islam Pura, Lahore

Tel: 042-37155355


Jallo Park

Address: Main Jallo Park, Canal Road, Adjacent Sky Land, Lahore

Tel: 042-37086017


Johar Town (Main Canal)

Address: 315, Main Canal Road, Johar Town Lahore

Tel: 042-35168555, 042-37071514


Johar Town (D-Block)

Address: 43- D-1, (Kids Campus), 73- D-1, (Boys Campus) Near Hockey stadium, Johar Town, Lahore

Tel: 042-35400344, 042-35401373


Kahna Nau

Address: Suaa Guju Matta , 23-KM, Ferozepur Road, Kahna Nau, Lahore

Tel: 042-35271433, 042-35271434


Kashmir Block, Iqbal Town

Address: 28-Kashmir Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore

Tel: 042-37802332, 042-37803881


Lytton Road

Address: Begum Road, Near Hamdard Centre, Lytton Road, Lahore

Tel: 042-37244940



Address: Kot Kambo, G.T Road, Manawan, Lahore

Tel: 042-36580745


Manga Mandi

Address: Union Council Road, Manga Mandi

Tel: 042-35385057



Address: Mansoorah, Main Mulatan Road, Lahore

Tel: 042-37848888, 042-35414444


Marghazar Colony

Address: 122-B, Marghazar Colony, Lahore

Tel: 042-37495506


Mehmood Booti

Address: 39-D, Sultan Mehmood Road, Adjacent ZuhraShafi Hospital, Mehmood Booti, Lahore

Tel: 042-36521272


Military Accounts

Address: 12-A, Military Accounts, Society ,College Road, Eden Chowk, Lahore

Tel: 042-35965882


Model Town

Address: 57- L, Model Town, Lahore

Tel: 042-37759976, 042-35201556


Mohafiz Town

Address: 122-B, Marghazar Colony, Lahore

Tel: 042-35971636



Address: Village Mohlanwal (Kalan) Multan Road, Lahore

Tel: 0300-5608379


Mughal Pura

Address: 30-Larechs Police Station, Near Shell Petrol Pump, Mughalpura Chowk, Lahore

Tel: 042-36810620


Muslim Town

Address: 50-D New Muslim Town, Lahore (Boys)

Tel: 042-35969203, 042-35969350



Address: 128-M, Gulberg III, Naseerabad, Lahore

Tel: 0300-4213889



Address: House # 413, Phase-I, Khyban-e-Jinnah Road, Nasheman-e-Iqbal, Lahore

Tel: 042-35954549


Nawab Town

Address: 227-E, Nawab Town, Mian Jan Mohammad Road, Raiwind Road, Lahore

Tel: 0333-4588799, 042-35314527


Nizam Block, Allama Iqbal Town

Address: 905 Nizam Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore (Junior Section)

Tel: 042-37803858


Q Model Town

Address: 580-Q, Model Town, Lahore

Tel: 042-35861288



Address: Barkat Complex, Sundar Road, Raiwind

Tel: 042-35390084, 042-35390085


Ravi Road

Address: 14-Maulana Ahmad Ali road, Ravi park, Ravi road, Lahore (Junior)

13-Ravi park Lahore (Senior)

Tel: 042-37724316, 042-37724327



Address: 92-A, (Girls Campus), 53-G (Junior Campus),

294-B (Boys Campus), 100-A (Junior Campus II) Sabzazar, Lahore

Tel: 042-37832118, 042-37822118,
042-37842118, 042-35463333

042-35463334, 042-37490566


Saggian  Bypass

Address: Al-Saeed Chowk, Near Saggian Byepass, Lahore

Tel: 042-37900198



Address: 12-B New Shalimar, Housing Scheme, Slamat Pura, Darogha Wala, Lahore

Tel: 042-36557733



Address: 2-B, Behind Masjid Khizra, Samanabad, Lahore (Boys)
823-N (Girls Campus), 878-N, (Kids Campus) Poonch Road, Samanabad Lahore

Tel: 042-37565276, 042-37565277


Shad Bagh

Address: 58-Ghulam Hussain Park, Iqbal Road Shad Bagh, Lahore (Boys)
231-Shadbagh, Triple Road, Gol Bagh, Lahore (Girls)
7-Qamar Park,Tokey Wala Chowk, Shad Bagh, Lahore (Kids)

Tel: 042-36277517, 042-37283199, 0300-4141753, 042-36277005, 042-37280937



Address: 475-Shadman-1, Lahore

Tel: 042-37422082


Shahdara More

Address: Main G.T Road near Ravi Tool Plaza, Shahdara, Lahore

Tel: 042-37919555, 042-37919666


Shahdara Town

Address: KH-3484, Main Road Shahdara Town, Shahdara, Lahore

Tel: 042-37304882


Singh Pura

Address: 12-A, Wheatmen Road, Singhpura Stop, G.T Road, Lahore

175-B Main GT Road, Singhpura Stop, Baghbanpura, Lahore

Tel: 042-36866029, 042-36832109 042-36812108, 042-38580937


Soe Asal Center Park

Address: 29-Km Ferozpur Road, Jhulke Stop, Near Central Park, Sua Asal, Lahore

Tel: 042-35935435, 042-35935436


Super Town (DHA)

Address: E-28/7, Lane-1, Super Town, Walton Road, Behind Main Boulevard, DHA. Lahore

Tel: 042-36653499


Taj Bagh

Address: P-6, Lane-1, Taj Bagh Road, New Canal Park, Lahore
30-New Canal Park, Lane-9, Aziz Bhatti Town, Harbanspura, Taj Bagh Road, Lahore
14 New Canal Park, Lane-2, Aziz Bhatti Town, Harbanspura, Taj Bagh Road, Lahore

Tel: 042-37308743, 042-37308649


Taj Pura Scheme

Address: Butt Chowk, Tajpura Scheme

Tel: 042-36636575



Address: Building # 33 , Block 2, Sector C2, College Road, Near Butt Chowk, Township, Lahore (Girls Campus).
Building # 26, Block 2, Sector C2, College Road, Near Gondal Chowk, Township, Lahore (Boys Campus).

Tel: 042-35122678, 042-35157513



Upper Mall

Address: 323-A, Upper Mall, Saidan Shah Colony, Lahore

Tel: 042-35757473, 042-35764994


Valencia Society

Address: 102/2, Block-A, Valencia Town, Lahore

Tel: 042-35224194


Wahdat Road

Address: 13- Kamran Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Wahdat Road, Lahore

Tel: 042-35413937


Wapda Town

Address: 326-D, 1-Nes Pak Colony, Wapda Town, Lahore

Tel: 042-35184325, 042-35185070


West Wood

Address: 72- (Girls Campus), 31-A, (Boys Campus), 148-A (Junior Campus) West Wood Colony, Thokar Niyaz Baig, Lahore

Tel: 0311-4114117





































































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