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Decimal Numeration System

  • Writing and reading numbers in words and figures from 5 digits to 8 digits
  • To find place value of digits in the numeral representation of a number up to 8 digits.
  • Comparing and placing in order, (whole number) i.e. ascending and descending order up to millions
  • Expanded form and standard form of writing natural numbers
  • Interpretation of 6 and 7 digit numbers


  • Addition of whole numbers
  • Subtraction of whole numbers
  • Multiplication of whole number. In multiplication, the multiplier will be a 2 digit number and multiplicand a 5 digit number.
  • Distributive property of multiplication over addition & subtraction.
  • Associative properties of addition and multiplication.
  • Division, when the divisor is a 2 digit number. Dividend up to 999999
  • Mixed operations on whole numbers with the use of brackets (one bracket and 2 operations)

Rounding off (Introduction)

  • Rounding off a whole number to the nearest 10
  • To the nearest 100
  • To the nearest 1000


Shapes and Measures

  • Concept and basic knowledge of a point a line, a segment, a ray
  • Concept and definition of angle
  • Measurement of angles
  • Classification of angles (acute, obtuse, right, straight, reflex)
  • Sum of measures of the angles of a triangle. To find measure of an unknown angle of a triangle
  1. Scalene, Isosceles, Equilateral
  2. Acute Angled Triangle, Right Angled Triangle and Obtuse Angled Triangle
  • Fractions (Common and Decimal)
  • Reduction of common fractions to the simplest form
  • Further work on equivalent fractions
  • Comparison of common fractions
  • Addition and subtraction of:
  1. Like common fractions (harder problems)
  2. Unlike common fractions
  • Multiplication of fractions (All cases)
  • Division of fractions (All cases)
  • Introduction of decimal fractions
  • Reading numbers involving decimal points
  • Place values of digits on the right of the decimal point up to 100ths
  • Comparison of decimal fractions
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication & division of decimal fractions


Area and perimeter

  • Perimeter of triangular and quadrilateral regions
  • Introduction of the term area
  • Finding areas of rectangular and square regions with standard unit (cm2)
  • Word problems on area/perimeter

Volume and Capacity

  • Introduction of the concept of volume
  • Finding the volume of cubes and cuboids by using concrete material.
  • Introduction of m3, cm3, mm3
  • Concept of capacity and finding capacities of containers by using standard units.
  • Introduction of the terms litres and millilitres.
  • Word problems on volume and capacity.


  • Reading Oxford Modern Eng 5, Short stories, novel

Writing Skills

  • Write story/letter report a visit or experience; summarise a text; composition/story writing (narrative, descriptive, imaginative)


  • Analysing and reasoning about meaning of text, perception skills


  • Parts of speech
  • Kinds of noun
  • Subject
  • Predicate
  • Contraction
  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Homonyms
  • Degrees of adjectives
  • Changing present tense to past tens
  • Direct & indirect
  • Active voice and passive voice



  • The brain
  • Teeth
  • Digestion
  • Food

Living things

  • Life cycle

Material & matter

  • Elements
  • Water

Sky & Space

  • Space travel

The earth & atmosphere

  • Pollutions

Electricity & magnetism

  • Electricity

Machines, Force & Energy

  • Force

Sound and musical / height & colour

  • Sounds

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