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  • Essay writing/Short story (about 350 words)
  • Comprehension Unseen
  • Account writing (About 175 words)
  1. Outline Given
  2. Series of Pictures
  • Grammar


Compounds or Mixtures

What is a compound? Some common properties of compounds. How are compounds formed?

Mixtures, Some useful mixtures, some common properties of mixtures

Separating Mixtures

Methods of separating mixtures filtration. Evaporation. Crystallization. Distillation. Fractional distillation. Chromatography.


Composition of air. Why is air a mixture? Identification. Test of Oxygen and Carbon dioxide. Properties of the gases in the air.

Air Pollution

What pollutes the air. Air pollutants. Sulphur dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Oxides of Nitrogen. Lead compounds. CFCs. Cleaning up the Air. Effects of human activities on the environment. The greenhouse effect and global warming. Thinning of Ozone Layer. Acid Rain

Food – Our source of Energy

Food – our source of energy. The main classes of food. Energy value of food. Balancing our diet.

Force and Pressure

What is force? Effects of force. Friction. Uses of friction. Negative effects of friction magnetic force. Gravitation force. Unit of force. Measuring forces. Pressure


Work. Just a change of energy? Doing work. Word done by a force. Joule (J) – The unit for work and energy. Work and changes in energy.

Turning effect of forces

Effect of forces. The moment of force. Simple machines. Lever – a simple machine. Classes of lever.

Water pollution

What pollutes our water? Factory waste. Fertilizers. Pesticides. Farm waste. Animal waste. Oil litter. Untreated sewage. Raw sewage. Controlling water pollution.

Effects of heat energy

Thermal expansion and contraction. Thermal expansion and contraction of solids. Metal ball and gauge experiment. Metal ball and ring experiment. Thermal expansion and contraction of liquids and gases. Effects of expansion and contraction in everyday life. Applications of expansion and contraction. Liquid in glass thermometer. Ice and steam point. Measuring temperature.

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