Decimal Numeration System

  • Place value up to 9999
  • How to write a number in words and numerals up to 9999
  • Completing sequence of numbers
  • Addition
  • Subtraction up to 9999
  • Word problems of addition & subtraction
  • Multiplication Table 2 – 12
  • Division with bigger numbers


  • Concept of the terms numerator, denominator, like & unlike fractions, proper & improper & mixed fractions
  • Concept of equivalent fractions.


  • Concept of length and weight and their conversions from m to cm & kg to g.


  • Introduction of solid and hollow shapes, sphere, cylinder, cone, cube & cuboid, Flat & non flat surface.
  • Introduction of rays and lines


  • Measurement of segments
  • Introduction of the concept of perimeter


  • Concept of a.m. & p.m.
  • Leap year, Months & hours
  • Word problems



  • Oxford Modern Eng. 4
  • Story books


  • Basic vocabulary, Dictation, writing meaningful sentence with given idioms and phrases
  • Letter writing, Application writing, Invitation writing
  • Writing a simple story on given topic (imagination, description, writing)

Comprehension Skills

  • Interpretation of a picture or description, analyzing and reasoning about meaning of tent, perception skills.
  • Picture composition
  • Complete the story with a suitable title


  • Parts of speech, Articles, Singular plural, Compound words, Prefixes, Suffixes, Antonyms, Synonyms, Simile, Transitive & Intransitive verb, Direct and indirect
  • Present, past & Future simple & continuous (affirmative, negative & interrogative)

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